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11 - AIIMS november 2001 psychiatry mcqs with answers

1q: a 6 year old child has history of who has history of birth asphyxia does not communicate well, has slow mental and physical growth, does not mix with people,has limited interests, gets widely agitated if disturbed , diagnosis is ?

a. hyperkinetic child
b. autistic disorder
c. attention deficit disorder
d. schizophrenia

2q: a 70 years old man presents with history of prosapognosia, loss of memory, third person hallucination since one month. On examination deep tendon reflexes are increased. Mini mental examination score is 20/30 . what is the most likely diagnosis?

a. dissociated dementia
b. schizophrenia
c. alzheimer’s disease
d. psychotic disorder

3q: a patient came with complaints of having a deformed nose and also complained that nobody takes him seriously because of the deformity of the nose. He has visited several cosmetic surgeons but they have sent him back saying that there is nothing wrong with his nose. He is probably suffering from ?

a. hypochondriasis
b. somatization
c. delusional disorder
d. OCD

4q: a female presents with the history of slashed wrists and attempted suicide, now she presents with similar history. The diagnosis is ?

a. borderline personality disorder
b. OCD
c. Conversion reaction
d. Histrionic personality

5q: a patient presented in casualty with a history of sudden palpitation ,sensation of impending doom and constriction in his chest. This lasted for about 10-15 minutes, after which he becomes alright . the diagnosis is likely to be ?

a. phobia
b. personality disorder
c. generalized anxiety disorder
d. panic attack

6q: a patient is brought to the casualty in the state of altered sensorium. He was on lithium treatment for affective disorder and has suffered through an attack of epileptic fits. On examination he has tremors increased deep tendon reflexes and incontinence of urine. He has also undergone an episode of severe gastroenteritis 2 days ago. The serum lithium was found to be 1.95 mmoles/liter. The cause of her condition is ?

a. lithium toxicity
b. dehydration
c. manic episode
d. depressive stupor

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